Steve Martin - Stephen B. Martin, Inc. - FL
Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas this year.
I greatly appreciate the help, consideration, and time you gave me. I know that you didn’t have to. Your advice and guidance gave me a start and the opportunity I needed to eventually succeed.
Thank You So Much. I wish you all the best and much success in 2014.

Josh Dewitt & Eva Coates - Factory Design Labs - March, 2012
Thanks again for making time in your busy schedule to come meet with Josh and myself on Wednesday. We both found you to be immensely knowledgeable in color calibration. We extended your SpotOn! reports to our client yesterday in our calibration meeting and they were very impressed and found these reports to be very informative and beneficial. Thanks for setting that up for us and adding to our "ammo" to verify our calibration. Looking forward to working with you again soon. - Eva Coates - Studio Manager

Jay Willmon - www.justclickprinting.com - Accent Printing, Farmington, New Mexico - October 10th, 2012
"You did more for me in a one hour phone support Webex session than the other guy did in 4 days onsite!"

Michael Andersen - www.michaelandersenllc.com - September 9th, 2012
I've been using Elevated Color to fulfill my printing needs on canvas, bond paper and fine art paper for several months now. The shop is efficiently run with quick turn around for my clients and with color accuracy that is SPOT on! I'm looking forward to growing my business with Elevated Color serving as my one-stop-shop for all my print needs.

Che' Rippinger - Owner @ HipTheHoopla - September 10th, 2012
“I am amazed at the variety of work Bill Owen does for his clients-from phenomenal printing on any size job, to color management, to solving IT problems that have left others in the dust and scratching their heads. Elevated Color goes above and beyond what other local and national businesses provide. There is so much behind the scenes work performed to meet his own especially high standards to get each job, impressively right.”

Bob Trenkamp - President @ Tegra / Varityper - May 8th 2012
“Bill is passionate about making things happen. He understands the business, works extremely well with both home-office and field personnel, and is dependable to a fault. If I were still running businesses, Bill would be a person my company would recruit.”

Karen Saunders - Owner @ MacGraphics - September 7th, 2011
“Bill is an expert at color management and calibrating monitors and printers. I am lucky to have him in the metro Denver area. As a graphic designer, I need to rely on a properly calibrated monitor to get consistent printed results for my clients. Bill has made this process easier for me with his knowledge and skills. He also outputs perfect color proofs and Giclee prints for me and my clients at a fast turnaround and reasonable price.”
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Bill Leonard - Production Manager - Leanin' Tree, Boulder, CO www.leanintree.com - May, 2010
Details of the Recommendation: "We recently went through the G7 certification process with Bill Owen and Elevated Color. We chose Bill because of his technical knowledge and our experience with working with him in the past on setting up color management systems and calibrating our color printers. Bill as usual made the process simple and straightforward and we enjoyed the learning experience. Bill has a knack for teaching and explaining technical information in a way that is very direct and easy to grasp. You can count on Bill to come through for you when it comes to needing solutions for color management systems of any kind and I would highly recommend Bill Owen and Elevated Color for any Prepress needs."
Service Category: color management G7
Year first hired: 2003 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Debbie Sammons – www.allpack.com - Prepress Manager, All Packaging Company, Denver, CO - January 2010
We first hired Bill Owen from Elevated Color as a color consultant back in 2003 when we installed our first large format Ink-jet printer. Since then, Bill has been our "go to guy" for color. He has been the driving force in helping both our Prepress and Pressroom people understand and develop house density standards. Last year, we looked to Bill to help us achieve gray balance standards and implement G7 based plate curves. With Bill's "real world" knowledge of the printing process, we were able to avoid the many pitfalls associated with obtaining repeatable contract color. With his guidance and training, we are now a certified G7 master printer. I consider Bills best asset to be his ability to teach and train, explaining details in a way that are both easy to understand and implement. Bills extensive background in printing and pressroom capabilities, along with a trained eye for color really makes him the "Color Guru Guy". With this said, Bill has been a great asset to our color management program here at All Packaging Company and I highly recommend him.

Bruce Bayne (Owner at Alder Technology, Inc.) www.aldertech.com
I've performed overflow work for Elevated Color when they were over booked, and I have nothing but respect for their abilities and attention to details. Their staff and color experts have a thorough grasp of color management and the printing process, and from what I've witnessed, is highly respected by their customers and colleagues. I would recommend Elevated Color to anyone in need of color management or workflow help. – Bruce Bayne President Alder Technology, Inc., December 15, 2009

Rusty Kitlitz – www.rustycreatives.com - Prepress and Art Production Manager at Integer Group, Lakewood, CO
My experiences with elevatedCOLOR on a number of projects over the past several years were very lucrative for me. Their attention to detail on each and every one my needs were without fail, extremely thorough, well documented, timely, and accurate. Their analysis of my color issues, and related software inconsistencies came swiftly and accurately. The cost of their services easily paid for themselves and they became my go-to-guys for keeping my proofing department top notch and on the leading edge of technology. My name is Charles (Rusty) Kitlitz and I supervised the prepress department and art production studio at The Integer Group in Lakewood, Colorado for eleven years. elevatedCOLOR kept all six of our proofing systems extremely accurate and consistent with each other while under the tightest scrutiny. – Rusty Kitlitz

Robert Elrod – www.robertelrodllc.com - High-end giclee prints
Elevated Color, LLC has consistently provided me with a fantastic product at an incredibly reasonable price. William has met my often ridiculous deadlines without fail and has been very generous with his time and expertise. I trust him implicitly with my artwork and he's become my sole provider for high-end giclee prints. November 16, 2009
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
Robert Elrod hired Bill in 2008 thru present, and hired him more than once.

Jim Knapp – Graphics Business Unit Manager, xpedx (colleague)
I would confidently state that Bill Owen and Elevated Color are the top color experts in the Rocky Mountain Region. His understanding of technology and his industry experience make him unique, he knows how to apply systems to improve results. Bill has always been quick to learn and thorough in teaching. He has a great approach in troubleshooting issues and always sensitive to the custumers needs. November 16, 2009
Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Rob Bol
Elevated Color and Bill Owen have been a great help to me when needing color printing profiling or the setting up of controls of color in commercial offset printing and inkject printing. He is a patient teacher and has taught me a lot. A true "guru" in his field and one I would reccommend highly. March 14, 2009

Thomas Cook – Support Specialist, Xitron (business partner)
Bill's knowledge of the printing industry and pre-press in particular is very strong. But more than being technically adept in his profession he is also a warm and personable teacher with a great knack for helping people at their level of knowledge. I've greatly enjoyed working with Bill in the past and highly recommend him. September 1, 2009

Bob Baldwin – Owner, Straightline, LLC (colleague)
Bill has one of the broadest arrays of application knowledge in the printing industry. If it has to do with prepress, Bill has probably installed, trained and worked with it. I highly recommend him for any color management solution you may need. Robert Baldwin President - Straightline, LLC March 14, 2007

Marc Lawson – Manager, Accounting and Reporting, Respiratory & Monitoring Solutions, Covidien (business partner)
Bill is one of the most dependable people I have ever met. An expert in his field with a substantial portfolio of work, training, and technical experience, Bill is without a doubt a sought out asset to those requiring a powerhouse in prepress, printing, color management. He also possesses a savant-caliber understanding with respect to the implementation and application of all of the state-of-the-art tools used in the business. Personally Bill is an incredibly approachable and thoughtful guy who manages relationships both with internal and external customers commendably. You would be missing out not to consider Bill for his guidance and talent. November 12, 2008

Jay Ryder – Premedia Workflow Specialist, Color Specialist, xpedx (colleague)
Bill Owen is very focused on fulfilling his customer’s expectations in the most efficient way. He’s not afraid to extend himself into new areas and never forgets the ultimate goal — satisfying the customer’s needs. He’s got a terrific grasp of the technology behind workflow and color management and has cultivated industry contacts that he may bring to bear when the situation requires. I count Bill among my very best of resources and recommend him highly. March 27, 2009

Jack Herndon – Graphics Department Manager, Great Panes Glassworks (business partner)
Bill is a hard worker and is calm under pressure. He is a creative problem solver with a broad range of skills. November 13, 2008