GMG ProductionSuite

The all-in-one solution for automated, standardized and color consistent Wide-Format Production

GMG ProductionSuite can print jobs as they are being processed, driving more than 800 different printing, cutting and CtS-devices.




Application areas are:

  • inkjet-based wide-format production of e.g. banners, POS-material, displays, vehicle wrapping
  • industrial wide-format production in very large-format production environments for indoor and outdoor communication such as billboards, POS-material, large-format lettering


Your benefits

  • Consistent color rendering using different machines, materials and printing modes.
  • Perfect handling of spot colors.
  • Calibration and profiling with a single software solution, directly alongside the press.
  • Integrated data preflighting.
  • Extensive options for last-minute corrections in PDF documents – image and text.
  • Intuitive tools for preparing printing data in a matter of seconds.
  • Simple addition and editing of White and Silver channels.
  • Practical templates for repeat jobs.
  • Standardized and optimized prepress workflow for up to 50% time savings.
  • Roughly 20% ink savings thanks to the integrated GMG EcoSave function.

Please Note:

At least one printer driver is required for a working system. Please Specify which printer(s) you will be using. It is recommended that you run a maximun of three printers per one RIP to avoid productivity and stability isssues


Additional Option Information:

Industrial Cutting (ZCC, iCut, Optiscout, GTK & Fotoba XY support)

  • This option allows systems such as Fotoba, Kongsberg or Zünd to be added at the click of a mouse. The Industrial Cutting option provides all the tools necessary for integrated printing and cutting production.

True Shape Nesting

  • Laying out multiple small individual motifs on an output media in a space-saving way used to be a time-consuming process. With the True Shape Nesting option of the GMG ProductionSuite Editor, this now occurs fully automatically.

Variable Data Printing

  • This option expands the functionality of the GMG ProductionSuite Editor with the option to integrate variable data records.

Interior Decoration

  • This option allows different colorations of patterns through Colorways and the repetition of this patterns through the Step & Repeat function. The creation and printing of Interior Design applications, such as wallpapers or textiles are done with just a view clicks. All Editors on the license must be upgraded with the Interior Decoration option.