GMG ProofMedia Studio OBA Matte 150

GMG ProofMedia studio OBA matte 150 is developedfor highly accurate proofing and the closest visual matchof commonly used uncoated production paper.

GMG ProofMedia studio OBA matte 150 not only containsa high level of optical brightening agents (OBAs), but also possesses a high brightness level with an L* value of 97.As a result, OBA matte 150 provides a larger color gamutin highlight areas compared to many other matte proofingmedia types.


Technical data overview

Surface texture - matte 


Weight - 150 g/m

Thickness - 190 μm 

Opacity - >94%

Substrate color (M1)97 L* / 2.5 a* / -10b*

OBA content classification2  - High OBA

Can be used as white backing?3 - No