CMG SureProof 1OBA SM250 - Premium Proofing Media

The Color Management Group is now offering this premium GRACoL® proofing media. This paper contains optical brighteners (OBA's) and matches the paper color for GRACoL® specification. At 250gsm this media has virtually no see-through with a 95% opacity.

If you are looking for the premier GRACoL® 2013 media - look no further!

CMG SureProof OBA is manufactured to meet or beat original equipment manufacturer’s specifications. CMG SureProof OBA is a 10mil, high quality, resin-coated photobase paper with a universal microporous coating available in satin finish. This photobase paper is designed to provide instant dry times on most high speed, thermal and piezo water-based inkjet printer systems with dye and pigmented inks. Instant dry times reduce production time by eliminating the most time-consuming stage of the workflow—print drying to lamination. 


  • Reproducibility by outstanding media color consistency
  • Suitable for spot colors
  • Large color gamut
  • No matting due to a high ink load
  • Instant dry



  • Proof & Prepress
  • Proofs for offset, gravure and screen printing
  • Dot-proofs
  • Contract, design and check proofs
  • Mock-ups


CIELab Paper Color

  • L M0: 96.8
  • a M0: 0.8
  • b M0: -3.8
  • L M1: 96.8 
  • a M1: 0.9
  • b M1: -5.1 


* GRACoL is a registered trademark of the IDEAlliance

Made for FOGRA 51 / GRACoL 2013 Proofing