ZePra MultiColor Option


ZePrA MultiColour Add-on

ZePrA works either with Multicolor profiles, printer profiles or with Device Link profiles that permit RGB-to-Multicolor or CMYK-to-Multicolor colour conversion. You can also choose a Multicolor-to-Multicolor Device Link profile

Use of Multicolor profiles in the PDF workflow

A special feature of ZePrA is the possibility of using Multicolor profiles both as the document colour space and as the target profile, and of using Multicolor Device Link profiles for colour conversion. Particularly in pre-press work for packaging printing, this is an important option when image data are present in the form of an RGB or CMYK file. RGB and CMYK image profiles can be positioned directly in the finished document from which a PDF file is created, so that ZePrA can then be used to convert the complete document to the required Multicolor colour composition for printing. Another field of application is, for example, the printing of photo books by so-called HiFi colour printing processes using 6 or 7 inks.

ZePra MultiColor Option