Connect YOU 13


With Connect YOU, you make your settings once, create a Connector, and from there, all you have to do is drag and drop, print, or export from your favorite Adobe Creative Cloud product to create a perfect Certified PDF for print.



Key features of Connect YOU


  • PDF Creation through the built-in Adobe Normalizer.
  • PDF Preflight and Corrections using the Enfocus Pitstop engine. 
  • Certified PDF creation.
  • Custom job ticketing based on your settings.
  • Automatic file delivery to just about any type of server.

Using Connect YOU is easy

The secret to Connect YOU is the Connector.The Connector is an application that you define and make from Connect YOU. 


To get started, all you need to do is:

  • Define or select a Connector project
  • Adjust the settings to your need
  • Create the Connector

Once made, to use the Connector:

  • Drag and drop a file
  • Print to the Connector
  • Export from the Adobe Creative Cloud/Suit products

It’s really that simple.

New in Connect YOU 13 

Easier to access

The new Connector menu extra/task bar now provides a single point of access to all installed Connectors. This makes them easier to find and manage.



Job Ticket Variables for File Names

New in Connect YOU 13 is the ability to use Job Ticket entries as variables in PDF naming. This allows you to quickly customize the PDF file name at the time of processing in Connect.




Connect YOU 13