Barbieri SpectroLFP Series 3

The Spectro LFP is the most versatile transmission / reflection spectrophotometer ever.
It is specially designed for automatic measurement of most different materials in large format, flatbed and industrial printing.


Spectro LFP RT:
• Most versatile automatic Reflection / Transmission Spectrophotometer for digital large format, flatbed and Industrial printing
• For most different materials with thickness up to 20mm (glass, cardboards, PVC, ceramics, fabrics, textile, backlit film, paper, wood, stone, etc.)
• Measuring aperture switchable between 8,6 and 2mm
• Includes 2 sample holders for thin media (reflection C200A52 and transmission C200A54) and measuring software Profile-Xpert Gateway
• Supported by most RIP-Software (

Spectro LFP Tex:
• Automatic Spectrophotometer solution for textile printing 8mm measuring aperture
• Reflection only
• Includes set of 3 textile sample holder (C200A50-S2), one reflection sample holder (C200A52) and measuring software Profile-Xpert Gateway

Pictured (Sample Holder for thick media):



Barbieri SpectroLFP Series 3