Color Management Handbook: A Practical Guide

Authors: Dr. Richard M. Adams II, Dr. Abhay Sharma, and Joseph J. Suffoletto

Technological advancements have transformed the field of color management with new methods while the process has conceptually remained the same. This handbook is an invaluable resource for users who want to match or, more realistically, get an "optimal color reproduction" of the original sample. While this process has historically been time-consuming and difficult, current mothods found in this handy guide to color management allow color reproduction to be accomplished far more efficiently. Find information on color management for input devices, monitors, printers, presses, and more in this thorough text.

Table of Contents: 1. Introduction
2. Color Appreciation
3. Color Measurement
4. Color Management for Input Devices
5. Color Management for Monitors
6. Color Management for Proofers and Presses
7. Profiling Applications
8. Color Utilities
9. Color Management for Packaging
10. Color-Managed Workflows
11. Non-ICC Applications
12. Visual Color Evaluation