Plate Control Target

Plate control targets are highly precise test images for diagnosing, calibrating, and monitoring imaging steps in the graphic reproduction process. As the name implies, plate control targets are designed for platemaking. However, they are also useful for other graphic arts processes that utilize contact printing and digital imaging.

Why you should use the plate control target:
• Improve consistency in the exposure of printing plates and other materials
• Provide measurements of exposure level, resolution, and dot gain
• Indicate problems of halation, or nonuniform imaging

The Digital Plate Control Target consists of: 
• Dialog box that reports variable information from the RIP
• Horizontal and vertical microlines in negative and positive patches
• 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-pixel checkerboard patches
• Negative and positive curved microlines
• PIA/GATF Star Targets
• Solid patch
• 50% reference tint patches at 150 and 200 lpi
• Highlight and shadow tints (corrected and uncorrected)
• Tone scales (corrected and uncorrected)

By using the elements in the Plate Control Targets you can measure: exposure, pixel resolution, directional effects, reproduction characteristics, minimum and maximum dot sizes.

Includes one CD with both Macintosh and PC formats.