Proof Comparator

Like the GCA/PIA/GATF Proof Comparator III, the Digital Proof Comparator v6.0 also contains targets that measure the exposure, resolution, and directional effects of the imaging system in addition to its reproduction characteristics.

This latest version incorporates gray balance patches and TAC patches that conform to GRACoL 7 along with an updated photo montage. A unique aspect of the Digital Proof Comparator is that it carries on a two-way dialogue with output devices by changing its dimensional tolerances and element sizing in response to the resolution of the raster image processor. This interactive target reports several key-imaging attributes as well as provides the highest resolution measurements that can be obtained for a given imaging device.The Proof Comparator includes tone value patches for CMYK and RGB overprints in 25, 50, 75, and 100% values. Vignettes, star targets, and highlight/shadow patches also appear on the form.