Unlock the Power of Packaging and Control your Brand Colors - Boston, MA

May 7- 8, 2024

Join Color Management Group Expert Ron Ellis at GMG Americas, in the Boston suburb Hingham, Massachusetts on May 7th and 8th for an exciting seminar to unlock the power of packaging.

Level up your brand's packaging game and achieve stunning results from design to print! Join us for this dynamic and insightful workshop led by Ron Ellis, an expert in optimizing packaging for success. Get ready to delve into the secrets of controlling color and achieving awesome and accurate design to print.

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Who Should Attend:

  • Marketing Professionals
  • Packaging Experts
  • Brand Managers and Brand Executors
  • Offset, Gravure, Flexo, Digital Printers and Converters
  • Color and color management staff
  • Digital print and production professionals
  • Digital printer, press and machine operators
  • Prepress, production art, pre-media and graphic design personnel
  • Company owners, managers, customer service and sales representatives


This seminar is ideal for anyone involved in the packaging process. Whether you are an industry veteran or a newcomer, this seminar will equip you with the knowledge and skills to elevate your brand's packaging to new heights.

Become a Packaging Rock Star!

Join us for a transformative seminar where you'll gain invaluable insights into design intent, prepress precision, print process excellence, and color control. Take your brand's packaging to the next level and leave a lasting impression on consumers. Act now and unlock the secrets to packaging success with Ron Ellis, your trusted guide in the world of packaging optimization.


Summary of What You will Learn:

Design Intent Mastery: Unleash your brand's true potential by understanding the significance of design intent during the design approval process. Learn how to visualize and see how the final printed product will appear while saving time and reducing approval and correction cycles.

Prepress Precision: Discover the critical prepress techniques that ensure your designs are flawlessly prepared for the printing process. Gain insights into file setup, image manipulation, and resolution optimization, enabling you to create print ready files and achieve impeccable results when the ink hits the paper.

Print Process Excellence: Dive deep into the world of printing and explore the various processes that bring your packaging to life. Learn how to choose the right printing techniques, substrates, and finishes as well as techniques to eliminate surprises and problems when your job hits the pressroom.

Color Control Techniques: Master the art of color management from start to finish. Understand how to maintain consistency and accuracy across design, prepress, and print, avoiding costly rework and ensuring your design intent is what the final product looks like. 

Specifics of What You will Learn:

• Techniques / strategies for controlling color across a supply chain, starting with design and continuing  all the way through print and production.
• How to precisely specify and communicate the color you want. With an accurate color specification, you can design color that can be printed, assure that suppliers know exactly what you want.
• How to control color with Adobe CC, design things that can be printed.
• The top ten tips for creating print ready files.
• Danger zones and problematic areas in print production.
• Basics of color & color measurement + how to communicate using language of color.
• How color management works and ways you can use it to visualize design and output.
• Understanding print, press calibration, and how production printing works.
• How to use a universal file format across multiple print methods
• What are print standards and how can you use these to your advantage.
• Differences and limitations of traditional and digital print.
• What’s possible with proof to press matching.
• Special tools and techniques for packaging production.
• Basics of print quality control. 
• Develop a print quality program.
• Evaluating process and spot color reproduction.
• How to create realistic tolerances for print.
• How to evaluate press sheets and printed products.
• How to score and evaluate printed products.
• Examples of print quality programs, and how you can adapt these for your own use 

The Color Management Group Consultant and Certified Instructor for this event is Ron Ellis. Ron Ellis is a consultant specializing in brand quality, color management, automation, and workflow integration. He has performed thousands of press calibrations and has conducted training and consulting for a wide range of customers in North America, Europe and Asia. Meet your Instructor: Ron Ellis. Ron will be accompanied by our newest CMG Consultant Member, Robb Frimming, who has spent his entire career working in the packaging industry.


What's Included:

  • Breakfast and Lunch 
  • Two Hour remote follow up session
  • A coupon code to use for future purchases
  • A link to take the online exam afterward
  • A Certificate once you pass the exam
  • Knowledge that will last a lifetime


Location of Seminar:

GMG Americas
35 Pond Park Road Hingham, MA 02043
(781) 740-4077
Host Contact:



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Minimum class size requirements must be met 1 week prior to workshop start date. There is a 20 person attendee minimum in order to hold this workshop. Please DO NOT make your travel plans until class size is confirmed, you will be notified via email. You will receive a full refund if minimum class size is not met and the class is cancelled. No refunds for cancellations within 1 week of scheduled class start date.



Agenda R3a


Control your Brand Colors: Techniques and Strategies for Packaging from Design to Print


DAY 1:

8:30 AM

Welcome and Ignite Your Packaging Powers!


9:00 AM

Design Intent – The Big Idea - Unleashing Creativity for Maximum Impact               

The design to print workflow – Making your design real                                     

How to talk about and communicate color – Painting on substates                 

Print standards and packaging: Setting the bar                                                     

Designing to a print specification: Crafting your art                                              



BREAK - Fuel Up for the Colorful Adventure Ahead!


Adobe Color Settings – Setting your aims                                                                

CSF, ASE, CXF – Master the toolset                                                                            

Spot colors – Selection and design – unleashing vibrance                                 

Visualizing the printed product – Designing what you can print                       


12:00 PM

LUNCH - Savor a Delicious Meal while Dreaming of Your Print Triumphs!


1:00 PM

Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign and Acrobat – Tips for tools                            

Creating files that work for print – Prepress mastery                                            

Top ten tips to create a print ready file – Secrets of file perfection                   

Examples of print ready file check lists – Blueprints for success                      

Danger zones – Avoid the print minefield                                                              



BREAK - Recharge Your Creativity Batteries!                                                               


Understanding the Production – Presses,  calibration, and Process Control: Unveiling the Art behind the Scenes

Basics of color measurement – Using a color gps                                                

Characterizing a print condition – The dna of print                                              

Paper and Ink – Unleash the power the process                                                  

Calibrating traditional presses – Tuning potential                                               






DAY 2:


Quick Review - Refresh Your Memory and Prepare for the Next Chapter



Understanding the Production – Presses,  calibration, and Process Control                

A quick intro to color management – Use the magic of cms                               

Color management and transformations – From mess to success                    

Premedia actions and what happens to your file – Use file wizardry                

Plate curves, color servers and print transformations – Tricks of file meisters        



Break - Indulge in a Quick Break to Recharge Your Print Excellence!


Digital print attributes and opportunities – Use the digital revolution           

Process control during the press run – Real time color control                          

Tips for press checks - getting the proof to press match – The art of potential       

Strategies for spot colors – Boost the gamut                                                         


12:00 PM

LUNCH - Feast on Inspiration and Let Your Print Excellence Soar!



Color Quality and Evaluation of Printed Products

Evaluating CMYK and spot color – Break the mystery of print                             

Tools for evaluation of printed products – Unlock secrets of the pressroom  

Prioritizing quality criteria based on most important metrics – The art of perfect balance        

How to create tolerances for print – Setting your standards                               

Designing control strips and color bars – Making it matter                               



BREAK -  Recharge Your Print Energies for the Grand Finale!



What is a print quality program? – Learning what matters                                

Why print quality programs are needed – The quest for the best                              

Partnerships between suppliers and brands – Unite for better results          

Example print quality programs – Inspiring journeys to warm you soul          


Next Steps: Putting it All Together – Let’s Go!                                                         

Developing a Plan – Examples of greatness                                                          

What comes next! – Send it!                                                                                     


4:00 Conclusion: Thanks and thanks and thanks!


Bonus on-line session:

Problem Areas and Troubleshooting in the Packaging Workflow

A short session covering areas such as substrates, coating, lamination, visual mismatch, lighting, proofs and other problem areas.


Unlock the Power of Packaging and Control your Brand Colors - Boston, MA